View Full Version : Free training in Anthem, AZ.

10-15-2010, 01:05 PM
Some time back folks here were looking for training near phoenix. While we are not a true JKD school, a friend of mine teaches a combination of kickboxing/ Brazilian Jui Jitsu/ JKD/ and a few other things out of his garage in Anthem. We get together regualry, and are looking to get another training partner.

To be clear on the type of training, we do NOT stick to MMA rules, despite the styles that we train in. An example would be that if if both people are on the ground, and one rolls onto his stomach, in an MMA/ BJJ match the guy on top would not be allowed to elbow/ punch the back of your neck, whereas we would do just that (not hard of course). This would be a bad idea in a competition anyways, but it illustrates my point well.

We also do some practicing with the MMA and/ or BJJ ruleset, but this is typically only to really learn a partuicular technique, etc.

The training is free, but we are looking for someone who is willing to commit to training regularly (obviously after you're sure you want to pursue it).

Previous experience is always welcome, and we are always open to exchanging ideas.

Anyone interested please PM me.

07-23-2012, 06:31 PM
I'm interested. I've got my black belt in TKD, trained in BJJ, Kick Boxing, Krav Maga, Haganah, studied JKD principles and done some MMA work.