View Full Version : Good JKD instruction in CT?

04-08-2011, 12:35 PM
Hi guys,

I've been a reader of the forum for some time, just now participating. I've enjoyed all of your input.

I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for good-quality JKD instruction in Connecticut, in the WNG vein. From what I can tell, WNG doesn't have any direct instructors here, but if there are any you've worked with perhaps and respect the quality of their teaching, that would be great. I'm trying to avoid learning over-complicated JKD, I'd like to be with an instructor who teaches simple and effective techniques, and drills them properly and regularly.

Thanks very much.


04-10-2011, 12:08 PM
Hi Jeff,

Where are you located in Connecticut?

I run the Modern Self-Defense Center in Middletown, CT. We're a small, friendly school with a focus on core, fundamental skill development (nothing flashy) and smart training methods. We're a good choice if you want to learn the good stuff, but don't want to go to work with a black eye the next day. ;)

Perhaps we'll be a great fit for your needs, and if not, we're happy to help you find somewhere that is. You're quite welcome to come check us out, test drive the programs, and see if we're what you have in mind. Right now we give all new students a free private lesson and 30 days free (no gimmick..it's legit) to see what we offer. I invite you to take us up on it.