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joe obrien
12-06-2011, 07:36 AM
hay people

well names joe im 23 and i live and die martial arts. after many years ov wing chun and verious other martial arts, i was asked the question "so once you have fully graded in wing chun what next " good question soo i looked around and learnt alot about bruce lee and hes Jeet ken do . and love the idear of it and the limitless style , soo i started to read all hes books study all hes movies and reasearch the hell out of him , after realiseing he all so added Jujitsu and fenceing to hes style i to have take'n them up , what better way to learn from some one than folllow there footsteps right ? ...any ways to cut it short there a limited JKD clubs who teach the traditionale JKD teaching and methods . so training on my own is okay but was woundering if anyone was from the Surrey Area (britain) and was up for meeting up theu times a month and learning from each other and supporting each other through are training ,

thanks and sorry for the spelling deyslexic as hell ,

joeobrien10601@gmx.co.uk email me direct if u wish