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Old 10-24-2017, 05:08 PM
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Default What's the different between WNG and other JKD groups?

There's so much different JKD groups out there. I know WNG is definitely one of the old school (but not crystallized) versions of JKD groups but what is the difference between let's say, WNG and Seattle, Ted Wong, Inosanto (Concepts), Taky Kimura's JKD, and Oakland JKD?

There are obviously some differences among each branch but what does WNG offer the most and how is it different?
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Old 11-14-2017, 11:58 PM
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I was just now thinking on that. I was watching a different version of Way of the Dragon, and got to thinking "what if Bruce had not died, and were still with us?"

Brandon might not have gone the movie route he did, and might still be with us...

There'd be no Bruce Lee Foundation...

There'd be one JKD - who of his students would have dared go against such a powerfully swift Bruce Lee?

No Dan said Bruce Lee had meant this, no Ted said Bruce Lee had meant this other thing...

Just one amazing martial art the heights of who knows where Bruce would have taken it to...

Little did Bruce know the plans he appeared to have had for his Way of the Dragon's Tang Lung's further adventures, would go no further than that one film.

(Thus far, I've seen three different versions of that movie - the dubbed in English one with that same fake battle cry throughout, that was first released in the states shortly after he died; the one after that one where some one thought it was somehow clever to replace that one battle cry with Bruce Lee's battle cries from Enter the Dragon; and the original Cantonese one with its own Bruce Lee battle cries (this one was much sharper in look, and the sound effects and music were "crispier").

Anyway, not that that answered the OP's question, but I hope this is a better answer than you're likely to get
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